Sunday, April 30, 2023

Shoa Presents Visuals For His New Hit Single "Rax"

Indie artist Shoa presents visuals for his new hit single "Rax." Shoa offers major heat for the streets and is just getting started. Watch the video for "Rax" and be on the lookout for a full album dropping soon. 


Twitter: @ShoaFranklin


Chart-Topping R&B Artist Kevin Ross Presents "First Dose" Single

Kevin Ross, a chart-topping R&B artist announces the release of his new single “First Dose” taken from his upcoming EP ‘Midnight Microdose Vol. 1.’ A blend of captivating melodies and profound storytelling steer the single accentuated by dreamy keys. Stream the single and stay tuned for the EP release.


Pre-Save Midnight Microdose Vol 1 Here

Watch the Midnight Microdose Teaser Trailer Here

Hip Hop Duo Flyana Boss Present New Project 'Vitamin FB'

Flyana Boss release a new sizzling project titled ‘Vitamin FB.’ This Hip Hop duo is known for creating friction and impromptu humor, and ‘Vitamin FB’ is no exception. Press play for a body-shaking experience brimming with house percussion, slithering beats, and of course addictively playful vocals. Stream ‘Vitamin FB’ and connect below.

Twitter: @flyanaboss

Darius Martin "Options" Official Video Ft. Story

Darius Martin releases “Options” video featuring R&B artist Story. A smooth hook and enticing lyrics draw audiences in. Darius proclaims, "It's a record that speaks to dating in a social media-driven world. Both men and women are constantly bombarded with dating options on the gram." Watch the video below.

Song Link:


Philly's Own YOUWIN Drops "Voyeur" Video X Shaggy Puff

Seasoned Philly rapper YOUWIN delivers visuals for his latest single "Voyeur" produced by Shaggy Puff. 

"The song is called 'Voyeur' because I wrote it in a club called Voyeur," YOUWIN says. "I'm a studio rat, so I never wanna go anywhere, and my homies always drag me to places I don't wanna be. I was just sitting at the top of the second floor where you can look down and see the entire club and writing about what I was seeing and how I was feeling. It's a club song for people who hate the club. We snuck cameras into Voyeur and shot the majority of the video there."


Video directed by SpaceKidSpliff



Texas Rapper Absolute Delivers Lyric Video For "Believe In Me"

Austin, Texas rapper Absolute delivers a lyric video for his latest self-produced single “Believe In Me.” The record is taken from his upcoming album titled ‘I Am Absolute.' 

Absolute says this about the single, "Looking back it'll be easy to say I wrote an ode to Hip Hop. More than being inspired by the genre I wanted to inspire Hip Hop. The truth is sometimes you just have to open the window and let God in." Stream “Believe In Me” and connect below.


Twitter: @Absolute1185 

St. Louis Rapper Nando STL Presents "Weakdays" (Video)

Nando STL, a St. Louis rapper announces the release of his new single/video “Weakdays” through Nappy Boy Entertainment. Produced by Pdub, the record is taken from Nando’s first project ‘Y.O.T.A.’ Listeners can expect thought-filled commentary about his struggle with depression as he wears a mask of happiness. Watch the video and connect below.


Song Link:

Twitter: @NandoSTL

Lexxicon (Toronto) Presents The Official Video For "Drunk Every Weekend"

Toronto's own Lexxicon presents the official video for "Drunk Every Weekend." The record is taken from his new album 'Drill Sergeant' and shows off his compelling voice buzzing through the drill scene. Rough, yet catchy arrangements heighten Lexxicon's lyrical performance that captures the demons we all face. Watch the video below.

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

[COSIGN] New Release Alert: Georgia Rapper Da-Mind Celebrates Women's Natural Beauty in Empowering Single ♥ 'Hey Love' ♥

DJ BME would like to salute the rapper DA MIND for his latest single "Hey Love"!

Yo, what's up everybody? Here on the BME blog we have some exciting news! Georgia's own Da-Mind just dropped a new single that's all about celebrating women and their natural beauty. "Hey Love" is a feel-good track that will have you feeling empowered and uplifted.

Da-Mind's lyrics are pure fire, paying homage to the strength and unique qualities of women. His smooth voice and flow will have you hooked from the first note, and you won't be able to resist singing along.

"Hey Love" is the perfect example of how music can inspire us to appreciate and celebrate each other for who we are. It's a track that will leave you feeling good and wanting more.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out Da-Mind's new single, "Hey Love," and get ready to be uplifted and inspired!

Stream The Single on Spreaker:  Da Mind "Hey Love" (Radio Edited Version) (

Follow Da-Mind on Instagram at @Da_Mind843 (

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[COSIGN] DJ BME & Staff supports 🐭Mouse Tha Kid's🐭 new single "Goofee Moovee" (Spotify Link Inside) 🐭🐁🖱

DJ BME & The Business Minded Entertainment staff gives Mouse Tha Kid's new single "Goofee Moovee" the stamp of approval! Read all about it below!

Yo, check it out! Mouse Tha Kid just dropped his latest single "Goofee Moovee" and it's a straight-up classic for all my hip hop heads out there. If you appreciate that old-school "Boom Bap" sound, then this is a must-listen! The beat is chill and laid-back, perfect for cruisin' down the block with your homies. And let me tell you, Mouse Tha Kid's flow is sick - he switches it up seamlessly throughout the whole song. Plus, his rhymes are clever and witty, and his delivery is on point from beginning to end.

But that ain't all, folks! The production quality on "Goofee Moovee" is fire. The drums are crisp and the samples are soulful, and that mellow bassline keeps the whole track moving forward. This is that real deal "Boom Bap" sound that we all know and love, and Mouse Tha Kid is bringing it back in a big way.

Trust me, you gotta add "Goofee Moovee" to your hip hop playlist ASAP. This kid is gonna blow up in the rap game - with his effortless flow, clever lyrics, and top-notch production, he's definitely an artist to watch in the coming years.

Spotify: Goofee Moovee - song and lyrics by Mousethakid | Spotify Follow Mouse Tha Kid on All Social Media

[COSIGN] "Civilized Savage" Soundtrack: Slow Chemical Brings Heat with Must-Listen Hip-Hop, Electronic, and Haunting Melodies!

DJ BME & The Business Minded Entertainment staff gives the "Civilized Savage" comic book and soundtrack the stamp of approval!

Slow Chemical Brings Fire to "Civilized Savage" Soundtrack: A Must-Listen Anthology for Fans of Hip-Hop, Electronic, and Haunting Melodies

If you're a fan of the comic book genre, then you know that a great soundtrack can take a storyline to the next level, and Slow Chemical does just that with "Civilized Savage." The critically acclaimed indie hip hop recording artist and executive producer of this incredibly conceived project brings his A-game to this comic book one-shot with a soundtrack that perfectly complements the mystery-filled storyline.

But certainly that's not all - Slow Chemical isn't the only artist featured on this project. Samuelli Leon, Eli, and Jonathan Ester among others all make appearances, bringing even more talent and variety to an already dynamic soundtrack.

With a mix of hip-hop beats, electronic sounds, and haunting melodies, "Civilized Savage" is an immersive experience that enhances the overall storytelling of the comic book. With a perfect blend of memorable instrumentals and powerful vocals and lyrics, there's something for everyone on this project.

The "Civilized Savage" comic book is a must read and the accompanying soundtrack is a must listen.

Top 8 SEO keywords and phrases: Slow Chemical, Civilized Savage, soundtrack, comic book, hip-hop, electronic, haunting melodies, immersive experience.

Spotify Link to The Soundtrack: Spotify – civilized savage (the soundtrack)

Link to The Comic Book: Civilized Savage – IndyPlanet

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Tuesday, April 4, 2023

[COSIGN] Layna Lae: The Rising Urban Pop Star from Washington, DC | DJ BME

DJ BME and The Business Minded Entertainment Staff is proud to spotlight rising urban pop singer Layna Lae!

Layna Lae, born Marlena Trinity Georges on June 27 in Boston, MA, is an American urban pop artist-songwriter and aspiring actress hailing from Washington, DC. Growing up in South Florida, Lae developed a deep passion for music and cites Michael Jackson, Drake, 90’s R&B, and Contemporary Rock as her major influences. Her relocation to the District of Columbia after her grandmother's death further fueled her love for music and shaped her artistic journey.

Layna Lae made her debut in 2019 with her self-titled single "LAYNA LAE," which she performed at the 8th Annual Passion Over Poverty Teen Talent Showcase hosted by Domestic Violence Wears Many Tags. Since then, she has been creating music that reflects her personal life experiences, including ambiguous topics on lesbian relationships and her obsession with the American muscle Hemi engine.

In 2020, Layna Lae took to Instagram (@TheRealLaynaLae) to reveal her new feminized look and released her melodic and unapologetic single "As I Am," which garnered a lot of attention on social media. The self-proclaimed "Hemi Chick" experimented with her style and finally came into her own, which led to her emotionally-drenched heartfelt tribute titled "1949," released after the passing of her grandfather in 2022.

Despite her bold and daring persona, Layna Lae's music spreads love, peace, and positivity. She made a conscious decision to only release the radio edit version of her late-2022 Pop/Hip-Hop track "Copycat," which she performed at the 5th Annual DC Music Summit. The move reflects her desire to create music that inspires hope and unity.

Layna Lae's talent has not gone unnoticed, and she has been nominated for various awards. She has also performed at Bree's Birthday Bash hosted by the late WPGC 95.5 radio host DJ Tony Redz, Vero G's Birthday Bash hosted by Hot 97's DJ Drewski, Foreplay Fridays with Love & Hip-Hop's reality star/rapper Trina, and the Industry Night Live Tour hosted by The Live Squad's Steph Lova & P Stew.

In conclusion, Layna Lae is an artist who is making waves in the urban pop music scene. Her unique sound, powerful lyrics, and inspiring message have earned her a dedicated following. With her undeniable talent and drive, Layna Lae is poised to become a major force in the music industry.

NEW SINGLE: "Throw It All Away"

Spotify Link: Throw It All Away - song and lyrics by Layna Lae | Spotify

💲 Learn Forex Trading and Achieve Financial Freedom with ITU 💲


DJ BME and The Business Minded Entertainment staff are excited to introduce our readers and followers to the world of Forex trading with the help of ITU (Independent Trading University). We understand the importance of presenting new economic opportunities to our community and ITU's unique educational program is one that we highly recommend.

ITU's educational program is designed for those who want to become self-sufficient trading professionals. The courses are easy to understand and focus on developing personalized methodologies that are tailored to each student's individual needs. With ITU's comprehensive course of study, students will learn everything from the basics to advanced strategies, gaining the skills and confidence they need to succeed in the foreign exchange market.

ITU's commitment to its students' success is unparalleled. Its curriculum has been proven to help traders reach their goals, making it the perfect resource for anyone interested in becoming an independent trader. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, ITU's easy-to-digest approach will make learning forex trading a breeze.

By enrolling in ITU's course, you will have access to a complete package of education that will help you achieve financial freedom. You will learn how to analyze the market, develop trading plans, and execute trades effectively. ITU offers ongoing support and mentorship to ensure that its students are equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed.

In conclusion, ITU offers a unique and effective way to learn forex trading. Its commitment to its students' success and comprehensive course of study make it the perfect resource for anyone interested in becoming an independent trader. Start your journey towards financial freedom today with ITU!

[COSIGN] Business Minded Entertainment Honors Ohio Businesswoman Debra Sue of Glass City Talent & Management: Learn More About Her Trailblazing Career

DJ BME and the Business Minded Entertainment staff would like to honor and salute yet another trailblazing entrepreneur, the Ohio stationed prominent businesswoman Debra Sue of Glass City Talent & Management!  DJ BME would love to invite Debra and her artists to the Business Minded Entertainment platform.  Read all about Debra Sue below.  

          Debra Sue has worked in the entertainment industry for more than a decade. She has influenced many artists of various genres, developing and sponsoring live shows for talented folks across the United States. She has arranged statewide tours, at times at her own expense. When asked why, she states, “It has always been very important to me to help artists open their minds and consider opportunities outside of their comfort zones, to grow their fan bases beyond the local, and intermingle with other artists across the United States. It’s all about growth, looking for opportunity outside of one’s own city, and growing as an artist.” 

          Debra Sue’s passion stems from her own love of music and performing, as she finessed a mic for many years, performing with multiple bands and backing up well known artists. However, her studies in the medical career demanded much of her time because of her rapid advancements and promotions in her occupational field of choice. After retiring from the medical field, she was able to turn her time and attention to exploring her passions. She started a Teleradiology Risk Mgmt/Consulting company and purchased/renovated a building near historic downtown Toledo that would eventually serve as the main meeting place (affectionately known as The Compound) for multiple artists from around the city to meet together to compose music, practice performances, and to learn the business aspect of the music industry; the whole set up was to mirror a mini-Motown if you will. The building also houses a beauty/nail salon, a dedicated area to record live interviews/podcasts highlighting area artists and area business owners. Services she offers include a notary public service, a tax preparation service, incorporation/trademark assistance service, a small clothing boutique, and an industry educational classroom in the upstairs area. No area of the building is unused. She also carries a great deal of pride in her publishing capabilities and has helped individuals become authors of published books. “If you have a desire to tell your story, I can help you make that happen,” she states. Debra combined all of her previous advanced education and work management experience and transferred many skills into heading up all of the aforementioned businesses. She indicates that today, however, the majority of her time is spent managing only a few very serious artists willing to invest in their career and willing to travel and walk a rigorous path that most are not dedicated enough to finish out. “I appreciate ALL artists, producers/Dj’s/other like-minded people - but my energy is focused and leaves no time for procrastination or uncertainty. Know what you want and find ways to make it happen. Period.” 

          As a seasoned entrepreneur and community leader, Debra Sue is passionate about preserving historic areas of the city. She is a board member of 2 historic preservation committees/groups, and serves as an active board member/officer on a committee dedicated to serving the homeless of Toledo, one that strives to service women and children in particular. As founder of Glass City Talent Recording Studio, Debra Sue found opportunities to reach young people and help turn their love for music into a reality where they could physically see their aspirations materialize in a real way. With the onset of Covid, Debra Sue had to close that studio down after only ~3 years of operation, as public establishments were halted from servicing the public. When asked if she’d ever consider reopening that segment of her business, she responded, “it’s not out of the picture totally, but with the concept of home studio/recording now, it’s highly uncertain and as mentioned before, I don’t prefer to deal with uncertainties. It had its time. It helped lots of artists and students of music, and those who needed help on how to develop a sheet of music then go into a booth and make it real. But for me, that time has pretty much passed. The demand isn’t there post Covid.” In her free time, Debra Sue loves to be still. I enjoy spending time with nature and going to my quiet place, which is rare. I’d like to one day pursue clothing design. More importantly I want to instill a strong work ethic in my grandchildren and show them that having a pursuit of education and establishing a high esteem of yourself isn’t an option, it’s a requirement! What’s next on the horizon for this very busy lady? Once a contributing magazine consultant and radio personality herself, Debra Sue has continued to challenge herself to build her professional career by exploring airway communication opportunities. She founded /operated Legacy419Radio and ushered many artists into the local iHeartRadio studios for exposure. 

          These days, several offers have been presented to her and she is in serious consideration for accepting a radio/tv correspondent/senior consultant opportunity. She also plugs her main artist, MAC NOVA - a very talented artist out of Detroit who has “come onto the scene to change the game and bring respect back to the music. Look him up…you’ll thank me later,” she exclaims. For booking or further follow-up with Debra Sue she can be reached via email at

Follow Debra Sue on Instagram 

Debra Sue (@glasscitytalent419) • Instagram photos and videos

COSIGN: Salute to Award Winning Filmmaker and Trailblazing Black Businesswoman FELICIA RIVERS of GEECHEE ONE FILMS!

DJ BME & The Business Minded Entertainment staff would like to congratulate and honor rising Carolina based filmmaker, screenwriter and trailblazing black businesswoman Felicia Rivers for all her hard work and accomplishments!  Read all about her below.   

          Award-winning black female filmmaker, graduate of the esteemed HBCU Claflin University, and founder of Geechee One Films, Felicia Rivers, is revolutionizing and heavily influencing the indie film world with her 8 popular must-see movies on Tubi. One of her latest flicks "Tiffany the Doll" was released back in December of 2022 and went viral 5x with social media engagement, sparking various conversations and debates surrounding the movie's theme including spawning various discussion threads about the movie within the official Tubi Movie fan Facebook Group. In addition to the social media chatter centered around her projects, the official Geechee One Films Facebook Page jumped from 9k followers to 14k followers in just a mere month.


"Pieces", Geechee One Film's 8th movie release on Tubi, was released in February and features a very strong, memorable appearance and performance from veteran actor Omar Gooding. Recently Rivers was honored for her success during Black History Month by the City of North Charleston and honored at the Independent Hustler Awards in Augusta, GA. Felicia's Geechee One Films has even further broken the ceiling with securing a major distribution deal through Maverick Entertainment which is the #1 distributor for black cinema in the world. Experience Felicia River's Geechee One Film collection on Tubi today! You won't be disappointed.


Geechee One Films next release is The Color of Green which will be available on Tubi April 25th. Follow Geechee One Films on Facebook, and Instagram to stay up to date on their latest projects. Felicia's Geechee One Films are sure to provide you with an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Geechee One Films on Instagram -

Geechee One Films on Facebook -


For Business Inquiries Email:


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[COSIGN] Get Your Heart Racing with "100 MPH" by Huddy World 706 and Serious MAK: Watch the Official Music Video Now on YouTube

DJ BME gives "100 MPH" by Huddy World & Serious Mak the stamp of approval.

Check out the official music video link for "100 MPH" by Huddy World 706 and Serious MAK on YouTube! This collaboration between the two artists is a thrilling new release that is bound to get you pumped up and moving.

"100 MPH" is an infectious and uplifting track that showcases Huddy's powerful vocals and Serious' impressive lyricism. The stunning visuals from the official music video perfectly complement the beat, making this single a must-listen for anyone looking for an upbeat and inspiring soundtrack.

With a message of resilience and positivity, Huddy World 706 and Serious MAK have truly created something remarkable. Don't miss out on this hot new release that is sure to leave you feeling moved and inspired.

If you want to stay in the loop with Huddy World 706, make sure to follow him on Instagram using the link provided below. Join his growing community of fans and stay up-to-date with all of his latest music and projects.

Huddy World Instagram:

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Sunday, April 2, 2023

COSIGN: Rome Lucio Drops New Hit "Commas" - A Catchy Co-Production with Grammy Winning father Frankie Biggz

DJ BME & The Business Minded Entertainment staff give Rome Lucio's "Commas" the stamp of approval!


 “Commas” is a LIVE update from Rome Lucio´s latest song “Give it toEm”. Rome Lucio is known for seamlessly translating his life experiences into his songs. The new track, again from his own hand, gives us an update about his life after “Give it toEm”. “Commas” is also Rome Lucio´s first co-production work with his dad and grammy award winner Frankie Biggz. The tune is catchy, secular and takes you into a world of clubs, traveling, hot women and excitement. The narrative ¨Commas¨ tells us the story of a better life! A life with recognition for Rome´s artistry skills. Finally eyes are on him and his music career is expedited with intensity. 

¨Commas¨ is the follow up song of “Give it toEm”. “Give it toEm” tells the story line of how Rome scraped his whole life to get to where he is today. It all started with him not being invited to party´s in high school, and people not being nice to him in his hometown. The tables turned and what the people now see is something different. The key message is to never stop working, creating and fighting to reach your goals. Rome Lucio, Mexican-American rapper, singer, songwriter and musician launched his brand new track “Commas”. 


About Rome Lucio 

Rome Lucio is a Mexican-American rapper, singer songwriter, and musician. He is known for writing and performing in a variety of genres. In 2007 Rome Lucio became the youngest artist to sign to Florida Record Label Rama Music LLC under his father´s wings, well-known Grammy Award winning producer, Frankie Biggz. On the 9th of September 2015, his birthday, Rome dropped his first album, “Under the Moonlight”. From this moment on he released many hit songs with the song “My City” hitting 1.3 million views on WorldStar. 

Rome performed on stage with some of the biggest world artists such as Kurtis Blow, Faith Evans and his best friend today, Dalia Chih. 

Credits: Remixed / produced by: Frankie Biggz 

Written and co-produced by: Rome Lucio 


Produced by: Frankie Biggz and Spooky Spooky Films @frankiebiggz @spookyspookyfilms 

Directed by: Cory Allen Tipsword @djtips87 Management: Jesse Blancarte / @jblancartemanagement 

Models: Cyrus More & Arianna Prothero @akasha_lynex @eatingcyrus Official distributor: Rama Music LLC

[COSIGN] Clayton Savage's "Legion" Album Review: A Funky, Thought-Provoking Masterpiece by Legendary Recording Artist!

DJ BME's Business Minded Entertainment staff has had the pleasure of streaming Clayton Savage's much-anticipated new album "Legion," and we must say that it is an instant classic! Clayton Savage, the legendary songwriter, performer, and former Sugar Hill Records artist, has delivered an album that is packed with funky tracks, unforgettable lyrics, and catchy rhythms. From the first track, listeners will be hooked and grooving to the infectious beats of this masterpiece.

The album showcases Clayton's unparalleled talent and skill, and it is evident that he has poured his heart and soul into each track. The lyrics are thought-provoking and reflective, and showcase Clayton's ability to connect his classic sound to new audiences in this modern era. His versatility as a musician is on full display on this album, as he seamlessly transitions from one genre to another, leaving listeners in awe of his musical genius.

Overall, "Legion" is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates talent, great songwriting and magnificent performances. Clayton Savage has delivered a musical masterpiece that will stand the test of time. The album is available to stream on all music platforms now, and we highly recommend that you give it a listen. Don't miss out on this gem!

Main Link: Musique Arena - Digital Music Distribution

Spotify Link: Spotify – Legion

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Tune in and learn about cryptocurrency and new ones to be part of and own!!