Tuesday, April 4, 2023

[COSIGN] Business Minded Entertainment Honors Ohio Businesswoman Debra Sue of Glass City Talent & Management: Learn More About Her Trailblazing Career

DJ BME and the Business Minded Entertainment staff would like to honor and salute yet another trailblazing entrepreneur, the Ohio stationed prominent businesswoman Debra Sue of Glass City Talent & Management!  DJ BME would love to invite Debra and her artists to the Business Minded Entertainment platform.  Read all about Debra Sue below.  

          Debra Sue has worked in the entertainment industry for more than a decade. She has influenced many artists of various genres, developing and sponsoring live shows for talented folks across the United States. She has arranged statewide tours, at times at her own expense. When asked why, she states, “It has always been very important to me to help artists open their minds and consider opportunities outside of their comfort zones, to grow their fan bases beyond the local, and intermingle with other artists across the United States. It’s all about growth, looking for opportunity outside of one’s own city, and growing as an artist.” 

          Debra Sue’s passion stems from her own love of music and performing, as she finessed a mic for many years, performing with multiple bands and backing up well known artists. However, her studies in the medical career demanded much of her time because of her rapid advancements and promotions in her occupational field of choice. After retiring from the medical field, she was able to turn her time and attention to exploring her passions. She started a Teleradiology Risk Mgmt/Consulting company and purchased/renovated a building near historic downtown Toledo that would eventually serve as the main meeting place (affectionately known as The Compound) for multiple artists from around the city to meet together to compose music, practice performances, and to learn the business aspect of the music industry; the whole set up was to mirror a mini-Motown if you will. The building also houses a beauty/nail salon, a dedicated area to record live interviews/podcasts highlighting area artists and area business owners. Services she offers include a notary public service, a tax preparation service, incorporation/trademark assistance service, a small clothing boutique, and an industry educational classroom in the upstairs area. No area of the building is unused. She also carries a great deal of pride in her publishing capabilities and has helped individuals become authors of published books. “If you have a desire to tell your story, I can help you make that happen,” she states. Debra combined all of her previous advanced education and work management experience and transferred many skills into heading up all of the aforementioned businesses. She indicates that today, however, the majority of her time is spent managing only a few very serious artists willing to invest in their career and willing to travel and walk a rigorous path that most are not dedicated enough to finish out. “I appreciate ALL artists, producers/Dj’s/other like-minded people - but my energy is focused and leaves no time for procrastination or uncertainty. Know what you want and find ways to make it happen. Period.” 

          As a seasoned entrepreneur and community leader, Debra Sue is passionate about preserving historic areas of the city. She is a board member of 2 historic preservation committees/groups, and serves as an active board member/officer on a committee dedicated to serving the homeless of Toledo, one that strives to service women and children in particular. As founder of Glass City Talent Recording Studio, Debra Sue found opportunities to reach young people and help turn their love for music into a reality where they could physically see their aspirations materialize in a real way. With the onset of Covid, Debra Sue had to close that studio down after only ~3 years of operation, as public establishments were halted from servicing the public. When asked if she’d ever consider reopening that segment of her business, she responded, “it’s not out of the picture totally, but with the concept of home studio/recording now, it’s highly uncertain and as mentioned before, I don’t prefer to deal with uncertainties. It had its time. It helped lots of artists and students of music, and those who needed help on how to develop a sheet of music then go into a booth and make it real. But for me, that time has pretty much passed. The demand isn’t there post Covid.” In her free time, Debra Sue loves to be still. I enjoy spending time with nature and going to my quiet place, which is rare. I’d like to one day pursue clothing design. More importantly I want to instill a strong work ethic in my grandchildren and show them that having a pursuit of education and establishing a high esteem of yourself isn’t an option, it’s a requirement! What’s next on the horizon for this very busy lady? Once a contributing magazine consultant and radio personality herself, Debra Sue has continued to challenge herself to build her professional career by exploring airway communication opportunities. She founded /operated Legacy419Radio and ushered many artists into the local iHeartRadio studios for exposure. 

          These days, several offers have been presented to her and she is in serious consideration for accepting a radio/tv correspondent/senior consultant opportunity. She also plugs her main artist, MAC NOVA - a very talented artist out of Detroit who has “come onto the scene to change the game and bring respect back to the music. Look him up…you’ll thank me later,” she exclaims. For booking or further follow-up with Debra Sue she can be reached via email at glasscitytalent419@gmail.com

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