Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Saint Soprano Shows Off Chef Skills In "What's That Aroma" Video (With Award Nomination Voting)

Saint Soprano shows off his chef skills in "What's That Aroma" produced by DJ Cash (EPMD Manager). The single/video is taken from his upcoming album 'Don't Forget To Hustle.' The CEO of Black Forbes Entertainment is also nominated for multiple awards at this year's 716 Music Awards (vote below).

Whether Soprano is cooking up on the stove or in the lab, he delivers nothing but Grade A product. Doses of slick metaphors laced with gritty storytelling embody his role as chef. He delivers pure, uncut Hip Hop by way of one MC, one mic, with no bubble gum raps. Watch the video for "What's That Aroma" and vote below for Soprano's multiple award nominations. 











716 Music Awards are July 27th, 2024 

Nomination categories: 

1.) Male Artist Of The Year 

2.) Hustler of The Year 

3.) Album Of The Year (Saint Soprano & Dorian J “Can’t Sit With Us“)


4.) Best Track Of The Year (Saint Soprano & Dorian J “Big Steppa”) 


5.) Lyricist of the Year 

6.) Record Label Of The Year (Black Forbes List Entertainment )

7.) Dance Song of The year (Saint Soprano ft. k Pistol & Boelyfe Jaine “Designer Dance”) https://music.apple.com/us/album/designer-feat-k-pistol/1698185855?i=1698186157

8.) Mic’d Up Of The Year 2x (Saint Soprano ft. Yung LA “Petty”) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&si=RadVkYt0VagCxW3c&v=SVCRkDVBUtM&feature=youtu.be

9.) Group Of The Year (Black Forbes List) 


716 MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE - https://support.google.com/drive/answer/6283888



Friday, June 7, 2024

Lady Harris of JCI Legacy: The Multi-Talented Trailblazer in the Literary Arts and Film World! | DJ BME Cosign

Lady Harris of JCI Legacy

Let's be real: Sharea Harris, aka Lady Harris, isn't just another name in the arts—she’s the powerhouse you didn't know you needed to pay attention to. This Buffalo, NY native had the audacity to pack her bags and set off for Charlotte, NC, at 23, all to supercharge her artistic talents. And boy, did she DELIVER!

Her theatrical debut was nothing short of a spectacle with "Confrontation" in 2004, followed by the audience-gripping "Games" in 2012. If you're in the Charlotte Metro area and haven’t caught wind of her influence, are you even paying attention?  Because from the moment she stepped foot in the Carolinas she's been at the heart of the Carolinas literary, arts and theatrical scene and continues to be one of the backbones of the creative community in the Carolinas!  Lady Harris ran the live comedy series "Skitz," along with hosting poetry slams and MC Battles that had the city of Charlotte buzzing!

Lady Harris isn't just about the stage; she's also a literary dynamo with six novels under her belt as well as a highly praised children's book, "Amina & The Princess Crown." And in case you think she's all fluff, her book "Betrayal 2" hit #25 on Amazon's Top 100 list for Mysteries and Thrillers!  Lady Harris has put her stamp in each book genre and continues to grow as an author.  A true mistress of words.

In 2017, she decided that shaking up the arts scene wasn't enough. Enter JCI Legacy, her brainchild aimed at giving low-income children access to dance and arts programs. We're talking Ballet, Hip Hop, Majorette, Canvas art, and reggae—programs where her students shine at major events in Charlotte and Columbia, SC.

Just when you thought she couldn’t get any busier, Lady Harris dives into filmmaking. Her upcoming film "Office Secrets" is already generating serious buzz, set to stream on multiple platforms such as TUBI and PRIME.  It's another testament to her incredible storytelling prowess and her ability to captivate audiences across different mediums.

Lady Harris isn’t just a creative force; she's a hustler who gets what she wants through sheer determination and relentless effort. Her career is a masterclass in turning vision into reality, making her a beacon of inspiration in the artistic community. So, if you’re not already following her journey, it’s high time you did.

Visit the official website for Lady Harris' JCI Legacy at http://www.JCILegacy.com

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For more press, media and publicity inquiries concerning Lady Harris of JCI Legacy please contact Jonathan Coleman for The Media Blast PR.  

The Official "Office Secrets" Trailer above!  Office Secrets (produced by JCI Legacy) COMING SOON to Tubi, Prime and more!

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Fase 1 Delivers Lyrical Memoirs In "P.T.D.H.M. (Pray They Don't Hate Me)" Video


Fase 1, an established rapper hailing from San Diego, presents his new video "P.T.D.H.M. (Pray They Don't Hate Me)." A superb blend of rhymes and storytelling embody memoirs of triumphs and struggles. Fase 1 delivers an emotive, uncut performance of gripping self-reflection sure to leave a lasting impression with audiences. Watch the video and connect below. 

Connect on Instagram @Fase1_3000

Saint Soprano Shows Off Chef Skills In "What's That Aroma" Video (With Award Nomination Voting)

Saint Soprano shows off his chef skills in "What's That Aroma" produced by DJ Cash (EPMD Manager). The single/video is taken f...