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Sharoyce (Da WOAT) Presents "WOAT Inferno" Ft. A-F-R-O (Single & Interview)

Sharoyce known as Da WOAT, releases his new hit single "WOAT Inferno." The record out now features and is produced by A-F-R-O. Sharoyce shows off his ability to draw in all schools of Hip Hop with his distinct, invigorating lyrical performance. Cutthroat wordplay depicts his drive and climb towards claiming a name for himself. Compelling arrangements looped with vintage cuts and scratches intensify Sharoyce's proclamation. 

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Check out the interview below with the Richmond, Indiana artist. He chops it up about the new single, working with A-F-R-O, the Hip Hop scene or lack of in Indiana, his next moves, and more. 

MJ: Before we jump right into your brand-new hit single "WOAT Inferno" introduce yourself to those who might not be familiar (shame on them).

Sharoyce: Tis all good. I'm still a baby out here. I'm Sharoyce a.k.a Da WOAT (acronym for "Wackest of All Time"). I’m trying to peddle my garbage to the masses one track at a time.

MJ: You are based out of Richmond, Indiana. Tell us about the Hip Hop scene there, I know each coast or city has its own flow and mantra.

Sharoyce: Richmond is a small community with roughly about 34,000 people in it. Everyone kind of knows everyone, so the communal rhythm is like that of the Heaven's Gate cult. I like the fact that the cost of living is so cheap, but the Hip Hop scene is non-existent.

MJ: You're not an up-and-coming artist, you are seasoned. Talk about that progression in your career.

Sharoyce: It's been pretty much a trial by error journey since I started jotting lines back in 2003. I bought a little Pro Tools set up back in 2009, where I cut my teeth on the ins-and-outs of the DAW. In 2012, I started to book sessions at professional studios. It took me some time, but I gradually learned how to construct a record over the years, but I'm still garbage.

MJ: Let's get down to the new single. Take us through the process from idea to creation to production to final canvas.

Sharoyce: I'd been listening to A-F-R-O since I caught wind of him back in 2014. The fact that one of the best rappers to ever grace the mic took him under his wing instantly sold me on the young guy. Over the years, I'd been reaching out to some of my favorite MCs for features and I decided to hit him up on IG. He showed love on the production (w/scratches) and he even laid a verse down for me. I swiftly laid my mumble rap down and sent the session files over to my engineer. 

MJ: Some Hip Hop legends coin A-F-R-0  as an indie G.O.A.T, do you concur?

Sharoyce: For a legend, he's humble. All's I had to do was reach out to him on social media. I gave him his flowers and we proceeded to get the work done. He sent me back the verse in less than a few hours. 

MJ: What are your expectations for the single, and what can fans expect?

Sharoyce: I just want the fans to know that even a low-tier amateur such as myself isn't afraid to step on the track with the greatest. I expect to be crowned the worst to do it after they hear this one.

MJ: Is the single taken from a released project or one that is forthcoming? Will there be an upcoming video for the single?

Sharoyce: I have no plans of releasing an album anytime soon. A video isn't totally out of the question, but for now there are no plans for that either.

MJ: Where can fans and audiences catch you this summer? Are any performances or events, or collaborations in the works?

Sharoyce: They'll be able to catch me at open mics and events within the area. I have upcoming collabs with Big Rube (Dungeon Family/Society of Soul), Mark Battles, T-Rell (Empire), Honey-B-Sweet, Sadzilla, Rx The Rapper and many others. I'd like to work with Elzhi and Kool Keith as well, so I'm working on lining those two up too.

MJ: Before we wrap up, can you share three essential gems you live by to ensure your success continues to move forward?

Sharoyce:  Never be quick to modify your art due to criticism, drink lots of water, and don’t fall behind on child support because they’re locking n*ggas up for that.

MJ: Is there anything else you want to share with the world?

Sharoyce: Sharoyce is WOAT. You Betta know it, family. I'll be dropping new music on Bandcamp soon and you can be on the Lookout for Ghostface Monkeypaw w/ me and Copywrite, as well as RhymeTyme Freestyle w/ Houston's Viper The Rapper.

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Tuesday, May 9, 2023

COSIGN: Samuélli Léon: The Rising Urban Pop Star Who's Taking The World By Storm

With a voice that can only be described as pure magic, Samuélli Léon is quickly becoming one of the most exciting names in the urban pop scene. The singer, songwriter, and performer has had an incredible year musically. Earlier this year the single "My Everything" by Stupid Bars which features the artist made waves on major blogs and publications, and he's not slowing down anytime soon. Recently, Samuélli Léon's "Back Up" was highlighted on the soundtrack to the comic "Civilized Savage," cementing his place in the music world. With new music on the horizon, this rising star is definitely one to watch. Keep your eyes and ears open for Samuélli Léon!

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Samuélli Léon | Spotify

Saturday, May 6, 2023

[COSIGN] Fayro: The Rising Star from Memphis, TN Igniting Positive Change through Mesmerizing Performances and Powerful Lyricism

Memphis, Tennessee's own up-and-coming artist Fayro, a 3x Billboard Charting and Award Winning Artist, is the force to be reckoned with in the new era of music.  He's determined to ignite positive change and inspire listeners through his powerful lyricism, and his musical prowess has earned him accolades and fandom across the globe.  Fayro's musical style is one-of-a-kind, with a mesmerizing stage presence that leaves fans spellbound.  

Fayro's musical journey began at the tender age of 15, and since then, he has performed countless shows, including sharing the stage with mainstream artists, self-promoted shows, birthdays, weddings and much more.  His hard work has led him to collaborate with industry legends such as Lil' Wyte and DJ Unk in 2016, cementing his place in the industry.

Fayro's versatility and energetic stage presence make him a true standout among his peers, and his musical catalog speaks volumes about his talent.  From 2015 to the present, Fayro has released 10 albums, 6 mixtapes, and numerous singles, many of which have made the top 200 Billboard Charts.  Fayro's 2019 hit "Weight on It" garnered over 200K streams across all digital music platforms.  The single "Get On The Floor" made the 200 Billboard Charts in 2021, and one of his recent projects, the album Year 422 which was released in November of 2022 is a testament to his growth as an artist.

With nominations for awards such as The Brink TV Show Awards and Artist of the Year 2022 at the SEA Awards, Fayro's star is shining bright.  His music has earned him a loyal following, and his message of positivity and change resonates with listeners worldwide.  Most recently, Fayro appeared in the Tubi Original Film "Immortal City Records", alongside Ronreaco Lee, D. Woods and many other notable personalities. 

Fayro's official website offers access to his music, including a free download of his latest project My Homage in addition to other features.  Fayro is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, and he's certainly destined for greatness.  

Official Website:

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