Wednesday, April 5, 2023

[COSIGN] DJ BME & Staff supports 🐭Mouse Tha Kid's🐭 new single "Goofee Moovee" (Spotify Link Inside) 🐭🐁🖱

DJ BME & The Business Minded Entertainment staff gives Mouse Tha Kid's new single "Goofee Moovee" the stamp of approval! Read all about it below!

Yo, check it out! Mouse Tha Kid just dropped his latest single "Goofee Moovee" and it's a straight-up classic for all my hip hop heads out there. If you appreciate that old-school "Boom Bap" sound, then this is a must-listen! The beat is chill and laid-back, perfect for cruisin' down the block with your homies. And let me tell you, Mouse Tha Kid's flow is sick - he switches it up seamlessly throughout the whole song. Plus, his rhymes are clever and witty, and his delivery is on point from beginning to end.

But that ain't all, folks! The production quality on "Goofee Moovee" is fire. The drums are crisp and the samples are soulful, and that mellow bassline keeps the whole track moving forward. This is that real deal "Boom Bap" sound that we all know and love, and Mouse Tha Kid is bringing it back in a big way.

Trust me, you gotta add "Goofee Moovee" to your hip hop playlist ASAP. This kid is gonna blow up in the rap game - with his effortless flow, clever lyrics, and top-notch production, he's definitely an artist to watch in the coming years.

Spotify: Goofee Moovee - song and lyrics by Mousethakid | Spotify Follow Mouse Tha Kid on All Social Media

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