Tuesday, April 4, 2023

COSIGN: Salute to Award Winning Filmmaker and Trailblazing Black Businesswoman FELICIA RIVERS of GEECHEE ONE FILMS!

DJ BME & The Business Minded Entertainment staff would like to congratulate and honor rising Carolina based filmmaker, screenwriter and trailblazing black businesswoman Felicia Rivers for all her hard work and accomplishments!  Read all about her below.   

          Award-winning black female filmmaker, graduate of the esteemed HBCU Claflin University, and founder of Geechee One Films, Felicia Rivers, is revolutionizing and heavily influencing the indie film world with her 8 popular must-see movies on Tubi. One of her latest flicks "Tiffany the Doll" was released back in December of 2022 and went viral 5x with social media engagement, sparking various conversations and debates surrounding the movie's theme including spawning various discussion threads about the movie within the official Tubi Movie fan Facebook Group. In addition to the social media chatter centered around her projects, the official Geechee One Films Facebook Page jumped from 9k followers to 14k followers in just a mere month.


"Pieces", Geechee One Film's 8th movie release on Tubi, was released in February and features a very strong, memorable appearance and performance from veteran actor Omar Gooding. Recently Rivers was honored for her success during Black History Month by the City of North Charleston and honored at the Independent Hustler Awards in Augusta, GA. Felicia's Geechee One Films has even further broken the ceiling with securing a major distribution deal through Maverick Entertainment which is the #1 distributor for black cinema in the world. Experience Felicia River's Geechee One Film collection on Tubi today! You won't be disappointed.


Geechee One Films next release is The Color of Green which will be available on Tubi April 25th. Follow Geechee One Films on Facebook, and Instagram to stay up to date on their latest projects. Felicia's Geechee One Films are sure to provide you with an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Geechee One Films on Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/GeecheeOne

Geechee One Films on Facebook - http://www.Facebook.com/GeecheeOne


For Business Inquiries Email:  GeecheeOneNews@Gmail.com


For Press, Publicity and Media Inquiries Contact Jonathan Coleman for The Media Blast PR at Info@TheMediaBlast.net 

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