Sunday, April 2, 2023

COSIGN: Rome Lucio Drops New Hit "Commas" - A Catchy Co-Production with Grammy Winning father Frankie Biggz

DJ BME & The Business Minded Entertainment staff give Rome Lucio's "Commas" the stamp of approval!


 “Commas” is a LIVE update from Rome Lucio´s latest song “Give it toEm”. Rome Lucio is known for seamlessly translating his life experiences into his songs. The new track, again from his own hand, gives us an update about his life after “Give it toEm”. “Commas” is also Rome Lucio´s first co-production work with his dad and grammy award winner Frankie Biggz. The tune is catchy, secular and takes you into a world of clubs, traveling, hot women and excitement. The narrative ¨Commas¨ tells us the story of a better life! A life with recognition for Rome´s artistry skills. Finally eyes are on him and his music career is expedited with intensity. 

¨Commas¨ is the follow up song of “Give it toEm”. “Give it toEm” tells the story line of how Rome scraped his whole life to get to where he is today. It all started with him not being invited to party´s in high school, and people not being nice to him in his hometown. The tables turned and what the people now see is something different. The key message is to never stop working, creating and fighting to reach your goals. Rome Lucio, Mexican-American rapper, singer, songwriter and musician launched his brand new track “Commas”. 


About Rome Lucio 

Rome Lucio is a Mexican-American rapper, singer songwriter, and musician. He is known for writing and performing in a variety of genres. In 2007 Rome Lucio became the youngest artist to sign to Florida Record Label Rama Music LLC under his father´s wings, well-known Grammy Award winning producer, Frankie Biggz. On the 9th of September 2015, his birthday, Rome dropped his first album, “Under the Moonlight”. From this moment on he released many hit songs with the song “My City” hitting 1.3 million views on WorldStar. 

Rome performed on stage with some of the biggest world artists such as Kurtis Blow, Faith Evans and his best friend today, Dalia Chih. 

Credits: Remixed / produced by: Frankie Biggz 

Written and co-produced by: Rome Lucio 


Produced by: Frankie Biggz and Spooky Spooky Films @frankiebiggz @spookyspookyfilms 

Directed by: Cory Allen Tipsword @djtips87 Management: Jesse Blancarte / @jblancartemanagement 

Models: Cyrus More & Arianna Prothero @akasha_lynex @eatingcyrus Official distributor: Rama Music LLC

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