Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Saint Soprano Shows Off Chef Skills In "What's That Aroma" Video (With Award Nomination Voting)

Saint Soprano shows off his chef skills in "What's That Aroma" produced by DJ Cash (EPMD Manager). The single/video is taken from his upcoming album 'Don't Forget To Hustle.' The CEO of Black Forbes Entertainment is also nominated for multiple awards at this year's 716 Music Awards (vote below).

Whether Soprano is cooking up on the stove or in the lab, he delivers nothing but Grade A product. Doses of slick metaphors laced with gritty storytelling embody his role as chef. He delivers pure, uncut Hip Hop by way of one MC, one mic, with no bubble gum raps. Watch the video for "What's That Aroma" and vote below for Soprano's multiple award nominations. 











716 Music Awards are July 27th, 2024 

Nomination categories: 

1.) Male Artist Of The Year 

2.) Hustler of The Year 

3.) Album Of The Year (Saint Soprano & Dorian J “Can’t Sit With Us“)


4.) Best Track Of The Year (Saint Soprano & Dorian J “Big Steppa”) 


5.) Lyricist of the Year 

6.) Record Label Of The Year (Black Forbes List Entertainment )

7.) Dance Song of The year (Saint Soprano ft. k Pistol & Boelyfe Jaine “Designer Dance”) https://music.apple.com/us/album/designer-feat-k-pistol/1698185855?i=1698186157

8.) Mic’d Up Of The Year 2x (Saint Soprano ft. Yung LA “Petty”) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&si=RadVkYt0VagCxW3c&v=SVCRkDVBUtM&feature=youtu.be

9.) Group Of The Year (Black Forbes List) 


716 MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE - https://support.google.com/drive/answer/6283888



Friday, June 7, 2024

Lady Harris of JCI Legacy: The Multi-Talented Trailblazer in the Literary Arts and Film World! | DJ BME Cosign

Lady Harris of JCI Legacy

Let's be real: Sharea Harris, aka Lady Harris, isn't just another name in the arts—she’s the powerhouse you didn't know you needed to pay attention to. This Buffalo, NY native had the audacity to pack her bags and set off for Charlotte, NC, at 23, all to supercharge her artistic talents. And boy, did she DELIVER!

Her theatrical debut was nothing short of a spectacle with "Confrontation" in 2004, followed by the audience-gripping "Games" in 2012. If you're in the Charlotte Metro area and haven’t caught wind of her influence, are you even paying attention?  Because from the moment she stepped foot in the Carolinas she's been at the heart of the Carolinas literary, arts and theatrical scene and continues to be one of the backbones of the creative community in the Carolinas!  Lady Harris ran the live comedy series "Skitz," along with hosting poetry slams and MC Battles that had the city of Charlotte buzzing!

Lady Harris isn't just about the stage; she's also a literary dynamo with six novels under her belt as well as a highly praised children's book, "Amina & The Princess Crown." And in case you think she's all fluff, her book "Betrayal 2" hit #25 on Amazon's Top 100 list for Mysteries and Thrillers!  Lady Harris has put her stamp in each book genre and continues to grow as an author.  A true mistress of words.

In 2017, she decided that shaking up the arts scene wasn't enough. Enter JCI Legacy, her brainchild aimed at giving low-income children access to dance and arts programs. We're talking Ballet, Hip Hop, Majorette, Canvas art, and reggae—programs where her students shine at major events in Charlotte and Columbia, SC.

Just when you thought she couldn’t get any busier, Lady Harris dives into filmmaking. Her upcoming film "Office Secrets" is already generating serious buzz, set to stream on multiple platforms such as TUBI and PRIME.  It's another testament to her incredible storytelling prowess and her ability to captivate audiences across different mediums.

Lady Harris isn’t just a creative force; she's a hustler who gets what she wants through sheer determination and relentless effort. Her career is a masterclass in turning vision into reality, making her a beacon of inspiration in the artistic community. So, if you’re not already following her journey, it’s high time you did.

Visit the official website for Lady Harris' JCI Legacy at http://www.JCILegacy.com

Follow JCI Legacy on Facebook

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Follow JCI Legacy on Instagram 

LEGACY (@jcilegacy1) • Instagram photos and videos

For more press, media and publicity inquiries concerning Lady Harris of JCI Legacy please contact Jonathan Coleman for The Media Blast PR.  

The Official "Office Secrets" Trailer above!  Office Secrets (produced by JCI Legacy) COMING SOON to Tubi, Prime and more!

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Fase 1 Delivers Lyrical Memoirs In "P.T.D.H.M. (Pray They Don't Hate Me)" Video


Fase 1, an established rapper hailing from San Diego, presents his new video "P.T.D.H.M. (Pray They Don't Hate Me)." A superb blend of rhymes and storytelling embody memoirs of triumphs and struggles. Fase 1 delivers an emotive, uncut performance of gripping self-reflection sure to leave a lasting impression with audiences. Watch the video and connect below. 

Connect on Instagram @Fase1_3000

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Friday, February 16, 2024

Fan Favorite Host & CEO MZ.TML Returns With Season 4 Of Real Talk & Upnorth City Girlz

Fan favorite host and CEO MZ.TML returns with Season 4 of Upnorth City Girlz and Real Talk. Tap in for music opinions, entertainment, and more. Tune in for today’s hottest artist (indie and celebrity) and entrepreneur interviews, trending topics, and relationship topics.

Connect and tune in below

10PM central, REAL TALK with Mz TML

Nox Bond CEO of Next Level DJ Coalition

Tarjiarkee Marie Lewis Upnorth

Download the app on Roko or – https://boomzbeatz.com/watch-live/

Featured in Street NOIZE Magazine 

February 2024 by BoomzbeatzMultimedia – Issue


 Website: http://tarjimlewisburgess.wix.com/mztml1980

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/upnorthcitygirlz 



TML BLOG: https://tmlassoc.blogspot.com

About MZ.TML

Mz.TML is originally from the Boston Ma area, she now resides in Worcester Ma. She is known in the New England Area for NightLife entertainment and promotions for over the past ten years, she also has worked in the theater and Music business since she was a young girl in the Boston Area. She has strong ties to many people in the New England region. She decided in 2014 along with her Upnorth Family to join forces and start a record label that would cater and develop and polish artists in the New England Area. She has worked with many artists in the industry and has helped to develop many nightlife events. She is well respected in her skills and ability to grasp concepts and make them come to life. She is a leader and a team player at all costs. She is always willing to help and be a resource for her peers. WORCESTER – As a city at the almost literal center of Massachusetts, Worcester became an entertainment center in the late 1800’s as touring shows, bands and orchestras would travel from Boston to Springfield or vice versa with a stopover in Worcester. The 1920’s saw the rise of a bustling music and jazz scene in the city, exporting such famous people as pianist/composer Cole Porter, jazz drummer Frank Capp, and pianist/composer Jaki Bayrd. As the manufacturing industry attracted African Americans from the south, Worcester became a stopping point for blues, soul and R&B performers touring the northern leg of the Chitlin Circuit. The opening of the Worcester Centrum in the 1980’s made Worcester a stopping point for major concerts and tours, as promoters found the city more welcoming than arenas in Boston. Being in reachable proximity from Boston, Providence and Springfield, the venue steadily drew audiences from all three areas. With Worcester as a home to several live music venues of various sizes, and a homegrown audience of multi-genre music enthusiasts, it is of little surprise that Worcester has a growing reputation as a “Showcase” city, where music industry executives and concert promoters frequently come to scope out new talent. TM Lewis, Event Planner and A&R Consultant TM Lewis explains how she got her start as an A&R Consultant. “After a few years of promoting shows and events in Worcester, I came to know a lot of the folks from the industry,” explains TM Lewis, “I would sometimes give them leads on up-and-coming talent in the area and pretty soon I developed a reputation for having a good ear for talent.” Pretty soon, labels began contracting me to scope out a lead or a show that came to town.” This brought her to the attention of the UMG distributed hip-hop label, Up North Records, where Ms. Lewis became an A&R Director and eventually the Booking Agent for the label’s roster of artists. TM Lewis & Associates are proud to be based in Worcester, where they are helping to re-invigorate the soul music scene in the city, catering to the grown & sexy crowd. Ms. Lewis is particularly interested in creating a platform for New England based artists and companies to reach the larger regional and national markets. With a growing number of independent artists and record labels looking to expand their markets and looking to Worcester and a location to develop their sound and establish a fanbase; for the music industry and music fans alike, TM Lewis & Associates is the company to watch. TM Lewis & Associate CEO Wins Award from Women in Action, Inc TM Lewis, WIA Honoree and Award Recipient TM Lewis to be honored at the 6th Annual Small Business & Entrepreneurs Award Ceremony in Worcester. Women In Action, Inc. will be hosting its 6th Annual Small Business & Entrepreneurs Award Ceremony on January 20th, 2018, at the Worcester Public Library, 3 Salem Square, Worcester, MA. The ceremony begins at 11am. The Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Award Ceremony honors outstanding entrepreneurs in Massachusetts that show dedication, growth, and positive contribution to their communities. Among the honorees will be Ms Tarjiarkee M Lewis, CEO of TM Lewis & Associates, an entertainment consulting agency based in Worcester. An 18-year veteran of the music industry, whose clients include UpNorth Records, Liberation Multimedia, and Down Streeters as well as a host of independent recording and performing artists, Ms. Lewis has established an impressive portfolio in the entertainment industry.

Indie Rapper Fase 1 Blazes Mic In "Swish" Video


Indie rapper Fase 1 blazes the mic in his new single/video "Swish." The San Diego native hits hard with a deliverance brewing with swag and gritty lyricism. Once he steps into the booth, it's a wrap. "Imma starter in the game, you nig**z riding on the bench,” turn up your speakers and press play on “Swish” and connect with Fase 1 below.


Instagram @Fase1_3000

Thursday, February 1, 2024

NEWS: Village Global Network (VGN) Taking Over 181 Countries & Counting


VGN, a global multi-media network company, announces the expansion with 10 global radio stations with broadcasting offices in 4 countries. VGN services listeners in 181+ countries and continues to grow. The network is affiliated and partners with TV networks, multiple prestigious magazines and blogs, PR firms, business development teams, music service platforms, as well as health and wellness solutions. VGN has partnered with GOVVI, the fastest growing E-Commerce company in the world. See below for more information on shows, airtimes, and more.


910 Sports (Friday 8AM) & 95 South (Sunday 8AM) Podcast Hosts: King Jacob & IKonE

The 910 Sports Podcast Network is a platform that’s dedicated to the youth and sports Mentors with the commitment of embracing the youth and rebuilding and restructuring Community from City Wide, County Wide, Nationwide, and internationally.

We interview athletes from the pop warner division as well as Middle School Athletes, High School Athletes, and Collegiate Athletes as well. The platform has welcomed Coaches, Youth Mentors, and Athletic Directors as well. We’ve been able to have former NFL Players and Athletes that have played basketball professionally and internationally as well having conversations with Overseas sports agents. 

The 95 South Podcast Network is a platform that provides the conversations in a professional forum of community development. We have interviewed Entertainers, professional music artists, along with Actors, Actresses, DJs, Publicists, Nonprofit Owners, Medical Professionals, Educators, Domestic Violence and Mental Health Professionals, and families who faced challenges with missing loves one due to Covid 19, Domestic Violence, Breast Cancer, and Kidney Failure.


Candid Conversations (Wednesday 8AM) Host: DJ Dablock

#CandidConversations is a podcast that highlights the artist behind the art while addressing their views in a candid fashion.


Finally TV (Tuesday 12PM WWTB & Wednesday 12PM VOV) Hosts: Gabriel Rivera and King  Blakout

Finally TV was created in 2018 as a platform for upcoming artists and business owners to promote themselves. The two shows, Voice of the Valley and What We Talkin’ Bout take different approaches, both aim to promote and educate the audience. Voice of the Valley is a one-on-one prerecorded interview with host and creator, Gabriel Rivera. What We Talkin’ Bout is a weekly live podcast hosted by Gabriel and King Blakout on Tuesdays bringing you the best conversation on the internet!


In The Field Radio (Monday 8AM) Hosts: Lady D & Erin Boogie 

In The Field Radio pushes the limits of radio content and engages listeners worldwide, while broadcasting from the Vassar College 91.3FM WVKR radio station in Poughkeepsie, NY and airing in syndication around the globe on the Village Global Network.

Hosts Lady D & Erin Boogie discuss all things culture, current, and the crazy and in between. In the Field Radio vows to showcase independent Hip-Hop & R&B artists on the rise. We curate our playlist weekly, putting select submissions side-by-side with songs you may hear on Billboard's Top 100; showing our audience, that great talent can be found where it is least expected.


Let's Get Activat3d (Thursday 12PM) Host: Sam Leavell

Hosted by Samantha Leavell; Artists, Producers, Entrepreneurs, DJ’s and other creatives are welcome. Thursdays are the day to get ACTIVAT3D LIVE at 7PM EST! This is a platform to tell your story, share your work and receive your deserved shine.

Each episode is live-streamed simultaneously on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch . Let’s Get ACTIVAT3D Podcast also has audio playback available every Thursday on Rock Box FM, Culcha Shock Radio, Radio Ferceo and Waptor Music FM at 12 PM EST powered by ZENO. FM!

Owner/CEO of Activat3d Management LLC, Manager of King Kamal (IG handles: @kingkamalhiphop and @kingkamalmusic), Host of Let’s Get ACTIVAT3D Podcast, Publicist, Brand Ambassador, and Content Creator. Email: slactivat3dmgmt@gmail.com | https://www.instagram.com/samantha


In The Studio W/ The Rec Boys (Friday 12PM) Hosts: DJ Recboy Shad & Mr. Catch Rec

“In The Studio With The RecBoys”, an online video podcasting radio show formed by founders Christopher Rodriguez and Rashad Kirk of Catching Rec Entertainment Inc. was created with originality in mind and this video podcast show isn’t anything short of their ideology. With having a well-known entertainment company, both being producers, the founder’s talents and existing foundation availed them the opportunity to create another platform in a “cut-throat” industry. This online video podcast show was created to provide artist with a tool to showcase their music through different channels such as networking, promotion, marketing, music video stream, and live interaction with a wider scale of audiences to expand their fan bases.

The uniqueness in what is offered is due to its capabilities that allows for interviews to happen from anywhere in the world. This affords independent artist, producers, DJs, dancers, models, comedians, actors, authors, and entrepreneurs to be able to join this live show to showcase all of their information (talents, work/current happenings, products and/or services) to the world.

The RecBoys noticed a void in the independent market of getting product direct to its consumers so with online and radio we now provide the opportunity to help make that connection where those within industry can interact immediately with the audience of fans and supporters and engage with them in a range of conversation in real time. We are the home of the independent grinders, if you have a vision and passion we help spread it and bring awareness to your brands.


Tea Time With Bunky (Thursday 8AM) Host: Bunky

Embark on a journey with "Tea Time With Bunky," a groundbreaking podcast that has been stirring souls and sparking conversations since its debut on April 15, 2021. Hosted by the insightful and inspiring Kennetha Corley from Sullivan County, NY, this podcast serves as a beacon of dialogue in today's world. Kennetha, known affectionately as Bunky, brings to the forefront a series of poignant and timely discussions, tackling everything from the pivotal role of the black church in current affairs to the deeply personal stories like "Where's My Brother?".

Each episode of "Tea Time With Bunky" is a testament to Kennetha's dedication to creating a platform where the community's voice can be amplified, where stories matter, and where the collective wisdom of the community brings light to the issues we face. Every Thursday at 7 PM EST, listeners from around the globe gather on Facebook, YouTube, and a network of international radio stations to share in these powerful narratives.

"Tea Time With Bunky" is more than just a podcast; it's a movement inviting you to engage with a spectrum of topics from societal issues to mental health. It's a space where dialogue leads to action, and every listener becomes a part of a community striving for positive change.

Join Bunky and the many voices that resonate through each episode. Be part of the conversation that's shaping a new narrative for our times. Follow the journey on Instagram @mskennetha, catch the live interactions on YouTube and Facebook @ Tea Time With Bunky, and get a behind-the-scenes look on TikTok @ bunkybunk.

With "Tea Time With Bunky," every story shared is a step towards understanding, and every conversation is an opportunity for growth. No subject is too trivial, no concern too vast—because here, every voice is heard and every story is honored.


The Tyrell Effect (Saturday 8AM) Host: DJ Dablock

The Tyrell Effect airs every Saturday at 12pm EST. It's available on sharetheshock.ca and YouTube.com/@exposethenorth8741. It's a music based platform that features the latest from the soon to be greatest and focuses on the art created by the artist and highlights the direction they are headed. 


Who’s Mic Is This? (every other Monday 10AM) Host: Tweezie Da Don and The Lou-We-Wood Radio Show (Friday 10AM) Hosts: Jared C. Lewis, LC Razz, TeTe Da Don Dada, and Jay TheRealest

Who’s Mic Is This? Artists, creators, entrepreneurs, etc., will receive a VLAD style interview to get more personal about journeys through life.

Lou-We-Wood Radio is a platform for all music genres and is catered to promote, get to know, and offer deserved shine to indie artists.

Head over to soldierbyblood.com for more info on Who’s Mic Is This?, Lou-We-Wood Radio, and CEO & host Tweezie Da Don, or contact Marissa MJ Savino @mjshiphopconnex


Mixshow Madness (Saturday 10PM) hosted by Flipmode Squad’s own 1st Lieutenant Rampage

Rampage shows off his DJ skillset in this hour long mixshow…breaking new records and playing classic Hip Hop, R&B, and Reggae hits.


All Shows on VGN Air on Culcha Shock, Radio Ferceo, RockBox FM and here on the Village Global Network.

VGN Directory: https://boards.com/a/Fwwtdn.bMCHNrRY

Link to Stations: https://boards.com/a/Fwwtdn.ETQfHK

Link to Platforms: https://boards.com/a/Fwwtdn.QATNQHzt?pageId=8KTupLSZYUIUfSJC1MQmssLtDPtE

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/131788629817701/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/villageglobalnetwork/


Saint Soprano Shows Off Chef Skills In "What's That Aroma" Video (With Award Nomination Voting)

Saint Soprano shows off his chef skills in "What's That Aroma" produced by DJ Cash (EPMD Manager). The single/video is taken f...