Monday, December 18, 2023

Louisiana Hip Hop Duo UNG Drop "No Weight On Me" Video

Louisiana Hip Hop duo Undeniably Genuine (UNG) drop the official video for their latest single "No Weight On Me." The track serves as an imperative reminder on letting go, and trap tropes fuel the message. Heading into 2024 it's time to lay low, stress free and with a peace of mind. Prepare to cut ties with fake friends and fake love to roll solo. A smooth deliverance along with a catchy hook are sure to echo long after the record ends. Watch the official video for "No Weight On Me" and connect below with UNG. 

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Monday, December 4, 2023

Albany NY Indie Rapper John Dee Addresses Rappers In "Here We Go Again" Video


Indie rapper John Dee addresses rappers in his new single/video "Here We Go Again." The Albany, NY native delivers matter of fact lyricism about rappers who spit only about chasing women and money. He goes on to add that they don't respect or represent the culture. A resonating hook, “Here we go go again ya’ll whack rappers ain’t gonna win, here we go go again going against me you ain’t gonna win," heightens Dee's message.  Watch the video and connect with John Dee below. 



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