Wednesday, April 5, 2023

[COSIGN] "Civilized Savage" Soundtrack: Slow Chemical Brings Heat with Must-Listen Hip-Hop, Electronic, and Haunting Melodies!

DJ BME & The Business Minded Entertainment staff gives the "Civilized Savage" comic book and soundtrack the stamp of approval!

Slow Chemical Brings Fire to "Civilized Savage" Soundtrack: A Must-Listen Anthology for Fans of Hip-Hop, Electronic, and Haunting Melodies

If you're a fan of the comic book genre, then you know that a great soundtrack can take a storyline to the next level, and Slow Chemical does just that with "Civilized Savage." The critically acclaimed indie hip hop recording artist and executive producer of this incredibly conceived project brings his A-game to this comic book one-shot with a soundtrack that perfectly complements the mystery-filled storyline.

But certainly that's not all - Slow Chemical isn't the only artist featured on this project. Samuelli Leon, Eli, and Jonathan Ester among others all make appearances, bringing even more talent and variety to an already dynamic soundtrack.

With a mix of hip-hop beats, electronic sounds, and haunting melodies, "Civilized Savage" is an immersive experience that enhances the overall storytelling of the comic book. With a perfect blend of memorable instrumentals and powerful vocals and lyrics, there's something for everyone on this project.

The "Civilized Savage" comic book is a must read and the accompanying soundtrack is a must listen.

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Spotify Link to The Soundtrack: Spotify – civilized savage (the soundtrack)

Link to The Comic Book: Civilized Savage – IndyPlanet

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