Friday, October 13, 2023

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Dj BME decided to start a music video promotion platform to get indie artists videos in rotation to raise awareness to his audience. This can also be used as a promotional tool for artists to present to their fans, service starts from a week promotion up to a year..get the services you need today by reaching out to Dj BME by email at serious inquiries only!!

Thursday, October 5, 2023

West Coast Rapper Fase 1 Releases The Official Tribute Video For "Lil Rydah"


West Coast rapper Fase 1 releases the official tribute video for the late "Lil Rydah." The video also features a special appearance by Mitchy Slick. Lyrics like “The Clover on the Hat, match the Shirt & the Socks, you gone live through us Rydah if we Thuggin or Not” pull on heartstrings and hits some for fans. Watch "Lil Rydah" and connect with Fase 1 below. 

Connect with Fase 1 on Instagram @fase1_3000

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